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PRE ENGINEERED STEEL BUILDING can be fitted with different structural accessories including Mazzanine Floor, Canopies, Interrior Partition etc.., and the building is made water proof by use of special mastil beads, filler stripes and trims.

This is a very versatile building systems and can be finished internally to serve any functions and accessorized Internally & Externally to acheive asttractive and unique designing styles. It is very advantageous over conventional buildings and is really helpful in the low rise building design.

Pre enginnered Building are generally low rise buildings are ideal for offices, Houses, Show rooms, Shop Fronts etc., However the maximum cave height can be 25 to 30 meters. Bildings can be constructred is less than of the normal time especially when completed with the other engineered sub systems.


  • Reduce construction Time
  • Lower Cost
  • Flexibility of expansion
  • Large Clear Span
  • Quality control, Low maintenance
  • Architectural Versatile
  • Energy Efficient Roofing & Wall System.

VIJAY STEEL PEB Design Buildings can support various crane systems like EOT, MONORAIL, Under HUNG, JIB etc. Overhead cranes of up to 25 MT are clearly supported with brackets.


We supply air ventilators made in S.S. & AL. and in dia 14" & 24". It removes hot air from the factory, Industries, Commercial & Community Building.

This provides a safe cool healthier enviroment there by ensuring the health of the workers which in turn will contribute to increase in workers productivity. All this naturally ends up in more profit.


Vijay Fab PEB standard mazzanine floor consists of joints, Beams, Intermediate, Columns and galavanized profile Decking Sheets are profiled from pre galvanized coils for larger column free space. We can also offer composite design with safer connectors.

Mazzanine flooring will never be the same again with a sturdy, quick, inexpensive and eco friendly option in the form of Vijay Fabs Panels. In additon to their various advantages Vijay Fabs are particularly suited to mazzanine flooring because:

  • Being Pre-cured, they are ready to be installed, their light weight adds to the ease of installation.
  • They can completely be re-used and can be re- located.
  • Vijay Fabs Panel Mazzanine Floors can receive any floor finish including Stone, Slab, Paint and Tiles


We are experienced in the design of steel structures of any size from lintel beams within a domestic enviroment through stairs, mazzanine, commercial and Industrial buildings to complete large scale major processing & handling plants.

We offer a complete design from site survey through design production of detail febrication drawings and continue to be available for consultation throughout the installation of the project.


We at Vijay Steel Roofing use premium quality AL-ZN Alloy coated sheet and pre painted galvalium sheets. In general two grades of steel are used for Roof and Wall cladding applications which are 550 Mpa and 240 Mpa respectively.

In general 550 Mpa material are called as high tensile steel. In general high tensile steel (550 Mpa) is coastal areas because of inherent properties and benefits.